Modern Athena Sculpture

In the age of the “#MeToo” movement, female identity and power have emerged as fronts for social change. A symbol of this movement, imagined and created by a woman for modern women, will embrace our changing social dynamics. For this significantly relevant project, I am in the process of creating a female figure with an implicit sense of wisdom, undeniable sensuality, and inherent power; a Modern Woman.

I consider my vision for this project – to create a female figure at the scale of Michelangelo’s David, to be the pinnacle of my artistic achievement. I envisioned it 20 years ago and it seemed impossible. However, now it’s simply time to begin.

There are two phases to the Modern Athena project. Phase I is the completion of a 4 foot scale version in Statuario marble. To that end, I have already acquired a two ton block of Statuario marble via a successful kickstarter campaign and a trip to Italy in 2016. After Phase I is completed, Phase II requires the purchase of a 17 foot block of Statuario marble from Carrara, a minimum of two years of carving work, shipment to the USA, additional tools, assistants and studio rentals in Italy and America. The talented team at Motion Filmworks, Dorian and Maggie Iribarren are in the process of creating a documentary about the project. LIFTED, the short video above, is a glimpse into our trip to Italy and its magnificent marble quarries.