Snow Sculptures

Snow sculpture was a fun practice for years. To prepare myself for carving marble, I carved snow sculptures for years in the only medium available that was free and large scale. The snow sculpture was inspired by the novel “The Gargoyle” by Andrew Davidson. “The Gargoyle” follows two different time lines, one in the form of a flashback and one in real time. The two main characters are an unnamed atheist, former porn star and burn victim and Marianne Engel, who is a sculptress of gargoyles, diagnosed with Manic Depression or Schizophrenia. Marianne believes she knew him several hundred years prior and his humorous indulgence fades as they begin a relationship and she tells the story of their ‘past’ love. This work was created by a team of artists and lovers of the novel – Mike Dillon, Kim McComb and myself. Sculptures in 2012 and 2013 were both destroyed by the weather before proper photographs could be taken, hence exemplifying the transitory nature of the medium.