Public Art – ELEVATE 2021

Public Art Design Proposal for

Artist Response Program:
Direct Grants City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events

Proposed Project: The human desire to take flight and abandon this earth-bound state is timeless. Our proposal is for a 14 foot high, painted, recycled and new steel wing sculpture that allows people to take flight without buying a plane ticket. After living through 2020, the opportunities and challenges that people face widely differ depending on demographics and financial levels. Not everyone can buy a plane ticket and take off, but they can enjoy a sense of change and positivity with the right public art. Public art is there for everyone and our pair of wings, entitled “Elevate” has a broad appeal and will engage a diverse audience in part because diversity is at the heart of our sculpture. Our team of artists, comprised of Jyl Bonaguro, Tyrue “Slang” Jones and Shencheng Xu, have created “Elevate” to symbolize the peace, hope and love that needs to start happening in 2021. In contrast to the hatred and lack of peace from this past year, the healing and rebuilding necessary requires everyone to work together and respect each other despite differences of opinion. A respectful dialogue is how we as a team work together and this is the type of civic dialogue that will allow Chicago to move forward together.

14H x 10W x 2D Feet, Recycled Scrap Steel, Tube Steel, Concrete and Paint with base of Concrete and Steel plate, designed by Jyl Bonaguro, Shencheng Xu and Tyrue “Slang” Jones