Transmigration ArtPrize

Wood Sculpture Installation Transmigration
3D Sculpture Entry at DeVos Place for ArtPrize 2022

Public Art Installation

Transmigration means to pass from one place to another. After receiving its first art grant in 2018, the sculpture has passed from Illinois to Nevada and now to Michigan. At its heart, the Transmigration sculpture is a gathering place. Anyone can connect with it by simply taking a seat and becoming part of the sculpture. I was originally inspired by the myth of the Phoenix; a mythical bird that made a nest of branches and then set itself on fire. After three days, the phoenix emerged from its own ashes – reborn and able to live on forever. The Transmigration sculpture is meant to be a symbol of hope and renewal. My design is loosely based upon wings while the painted reds, yellows and oranges are the colors of fire.

Transmigration received 2 art grants for Burning Man 2018 and Lakes of Fire 2022 to fund the building of the sculpture and rebuild using new and recycled wood with LED lighting. For ArtPrize, I painted it the colors of fire.

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11h x 11l x 15w feet Wood

by Jyl Bonaguro with the support of Eddie T.L. Tadlock of DeVos Place and his team for the Transmigration installation at DeVos Place and Karie Sprygada with ArtPrize along with special thanks to Jeff Zelnio for CNC work, Quinn Auerbach, Neil Shah, and Shayne Kelly for their building and packing and Ben Stroh for his installation help. Extra thanks to my puppy Tashi for being the best mascot ever and to all the folks who took selfies.