Entwined Forest

Interactive Art Entwined Forest – Burners Without Borders BWB Winters Ball 2017

Public Art Installation

The interactive Art of Entwined Forest was meant to create a shrine like sensation for an exterior dome. It featured the Manifestation interactive in the center so people were able to write what they wish to manifest and then drop their piece of paper into the flame to ignite and disappear. To further the sense of spiritual nourishment, the tree, a recognized symbol of life, was realized by the branch sculptures. These branches, ever reaching and extending themselves reference the expanding universe and humanity. Lit from above, the warmth of the Christmas lights encouraged a sense of expansiveness and a beautiful visual to look up to from below.
Entwined Forest featuring Manifestation by Katie Forbes & Dan Brown

Fallen Tree Branches, Concrete, LEDs, by Jyl Bonaguro, Jeff Zelnio, Ayda Keschtkar, Marie Socha