Upcoming Events


Saturday, Dec 9, 6 – 10pm
Details & RSVP required here
Workshop 4200 at 4200 W Diversey Avenue, Chicago
Free parking in the lot located off of diversey ave, diversey ave and tripp ave

“We’re always in a state of almost. Almost there, almost perfect, almost finished, and almost a better version of ourselves than we currently are. Almost isn’t a bad thing. It tells us we are evolving, becoming, and growing. It reminds us that we are not finished products, but works in progress.” Erin Michelle Ford

I will be closing the year with a super sale on the few remaining paintings and introducing for acquisition framed charcoal rubbings of the wing sculptures. There will also be a curated group art exhibition featuring emerging & established contemporary artists, open studios, live music, food and a launch party for Letherbee’s new distillery.