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Swan SoongSwan Soong Play

Continuing my playwrighting focus on forgotten female histories… I’m pleased to announce additional staged readings of Swan Soong, my latest full length play coming in the spring of 2109… Stay attuned…

Intrigue, love and double crossing abound as these one-time celebrities’ stories are woven together to reveal the power of family and the beginnings of modern China. Set in 1940s war torn Shanghai, Mickey (Emily) Hahn is commissioned to write a book on the ruling family elite, the Soong Sisters. Notorious for her cigar smoking brand of feminism and for her love affair with Chinese poet Sinmay Zau, she’s a questionable fit for the task. The three sisters, along with their financial wizard brother T.V., seemingly control their husbands and the future of China. Or do they? Look forward to intrigues, love and humor because otherwise history would be boring…

Directed by Marc Rita and starring Lina Jean Fritz as Ai-ling Soong, Eunice Park as Ching-ling Soong, Carolyn Plurad as May-ling Soong, Flavia Pallozzi as Mickey Hahn, Daniel Ahn as Sinmay Zau & Generalissimo, and Leo Zhu as T.V. Soong & Big Eared Tu.

Jyl Bonaguro, the playwright and sculptor, creates plays that focus on history and women with the desire to create strong female characters that explore the nuances of male and female relationships.

The staged reading of Swan Soong by playwright Jyl Bonaguro at the Zhou B Center in October 2019 was made possible thru the generous support of Zhou B. Art Center, the Zhou Brothers, Louis Yingduo Liu, Austin James of Mako James Gallery, Amber Lee Olivier and Steve Cox of Asylum Theater and the Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute. It was dedicated to the memory of Chesley Adler, friend and gifted designer, 1967-2018.