Figurative Marble Sculptures & Drawings


The current sculptures fall into two series: figurative remants and wings. Both series explore the texture and fragmentation possibilities inherent to marble itself. Parts are left untouched in order to expose the natural state of the marble, while other sections are highly developed to reveal the quality of detail and luxuriousness of the polished surface.

The overriding concepts in both series are industrialization, beauty and immortality. Industrialization is examined and deconstructed with pre-industrial materials and techniques such as a hammer and chisel. Carving marble by hand, the sculptures loosely resemble fragments excavated by archaeologists. Their fragmented state is meant to reveal how countless civilizations have risen only to fall and be reduced to ruins. This rise and fall reveals the fallacy of immortality and the endless cycle casting immortality and beauty as transient forms of illusion inherent in the figurative sculptures.

However, far from the desolation such a realization could entail, the wing is embraced as a symbol of change. The material of marble then takes on another level as an earthly, heavy material that is offset by the apparent weightlessness and airiness of a wing in flight. The fragmented wings represent the aspiration of the soul towards a higher condition and are therefore messengers of hope.